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Inventor: William Dandurand

Bodyboard-Boogie Board with Bicycle Type Grips

For faster dropins, catching air, cutbacks, 360s, and duck dive deeper.


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A Bodyboard-Boogie Board for sports and recreational use in an aquatic medium. A buoyant body with handles-bike grips-mountain bike type handlebars, anchored above the deck of the apparatus, for grasping by the user, allowing the less-than-expert and professional to obtain better control and maneuverability to enjoy body boarding, boogie boarding, wave riding, floating and surfing-type water sports.

NOTE: Board design, pictures, drawings, a body board with handles attached, copyright beginning in 1980s by William Dandurand, all rights reserved.

You can download-free, Bill's story about his
first thoughts of putting handles on something
you use to ride the waves at the beach. Now those
childish thoughts have become a dream come true.
Click the title GRIPPING THE WAVE below for the free download.


Original Patent Filed 1994
BIKE GRIP BOARD Patent # 3152/MUM/2014
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Referenced US Patent # 5472362
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Bike Grip Board

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