The life, music and career of Michael Jackson Screenplay by Gary Revel and Jordan Tate

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November 1, 2015
Kileen, TX USA

The true story of the life, music and career of Michael Jackson based on Gary Revel's personal story beginning in the early 1990s.

With requests coming to Gary from his clients to make public the true story of how Michael Jackson was able to achieve the success he had in the music business, Gary started asking questions. One thing led to another and soon he was engaged in a full scale investigation into the life, music and career of Michael Jackson.

You've heard 'truth is stranger than fiction' but in the case of MJ truth and fiction were so tightly wound together that it was impossible to see the difference daylight between them. However, it did not take long for Gary to find that there was truth that could be found about the launching of Michael's career and it wasn't the Motown version that was true.

The truth had everything to do with the single record, 'Big Boy' that had been released on the Steeltown record label. Similar facts along with many other details gradually came to light and over the years the true story has finally become clear. It is most unfortunate that Michael is not alive to participate and enjoy the clarity that the process has brought.

Gary and Jordan Tate has co-written the screenplay that will finally satisfy Michael's fans throughout the world that there was a real, vulnerable and remarkable young man behind the fantastic character that Michael became. Based on Gary's story of what he found is in fact 'Michael's story' as he would have told it were he still alive. Don't Stop Dancing is a labor of love and of dedication that Gary and Jordan share in their desire for Michael's true story to finally be told. The screenplay is being developed for motion picture production by Producer-Michael Raven.