CIA Case Officer Officer Offers Help In Gary Revel MLK Assassination Investigation

Los Angeles, California, USA
Wednesday February 15, 2006

Former CIA Case Officer Leutrell Osborne Offers To Join Gary Revel's MLK Assassination Investigation

In a recent email and a phone conversation today Leutrell Osborne offered to help Gary Revel in his renewed investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Leutrell worked for the CIA as a CIA Case Officer. He led and directed CIA agents in over 30 countries and traveled to over 100 foreign cities in three continents. Today he is a counter-intelligence expert and has authored his autobiographical work entitled, 'Black Man in the CIA' which is published by Jongleur Music Book Publishing. He has offered to use his CIA training and experience to help Gary in his quest to find, expose and prosecute the true conspirators who killed Martin Luther King Jr.

Contact: Gary Revel

Leutrell's Memoir, BLACK MAN IN THE CIA, is available from and other book sellers and listed on the CIA Web Site, .

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